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File Types Accepted

We accept Macintosh or PC vector based files such as those created in Adobe Illustrator. We recommends that artwork be created in such Adobe Illustrator. This programs is best suited for flexographic artwork creation and prepress production.

We accept DVDs, CDs, FTP upload and email submission of art. Email address for art is:

Include with Artwork

Please include the following with all artwork.

  1. A printed directory of what is contained on the disk(s).

  2. A color composite and/or separated printout of the electronic artwork.

  3. Indicate on the printout the label size measurements; include corner radius, if applicable.

  4. The original file of any placed images contained in the electronic art file.

  5. Include the printer and screen version of each font used in the art file. If the file was created in a vector program (Illustrator or Freehand), you may convert all the fonts to paths. This also applies to fonts that have been used in any placed eps images. Please Note: we cannot edit text once it has been converted to paths.

Art Specifications

  1. Minimum size rule lines in positive print are 1/2 point. Minimum size rule lines in reverse print are 1 point.

  2. Minimum size type in positive print is 4 point in both serif and san serif fonts.

  3. Minimum size type in reverse print is 8 point for serif fonts and 6 points for san serif fonts.

  4. Do not use extra bold or extra light fonts smaller than 8 point, in positive or reverse print.

  5. Graduated screen values can range from 1% to 100%.

  6. Four color process screen value no less than 1%. Anything above 90% will probably print as 100%.

  7. Scanned images for four color process and continuous tone printing must be 300 dpi at 100%.

  8. Scanned line art and type must be 1200 dpi at 100%.

  9. Scans should be saved to disk as TIFF or EPS files. Be sure to convert scanned color images to CMYK before saving to disk.

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